Micro Dentistry

What Do You Mean By Micro Dentistry?

The branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of decayed teeth is called Micro-dentistry. Only the decayed part is removed, and the tooth is retained to a certain extent. After the decay removal with the help of Micro Dentistry procedures, natural filling can be done and restored with the original strength and beauty. Our dentists in Pune expertize in such kind of dental procedures.

What's on offer at the Best Dental Clinic in Pune?

Micro dentistry procedures with the help of a Dental Operating Microscope Sparkle Dental Clinic, in its continued commitment to provide quality dental treatment in Pune, using cutting edge technology, has introduced the Dental Operating Microscope into practice. Putting to use its advantages of high magnification with high intensity illumination. This ensures that patients get the best possible treatment.

The use of microscope has enabled us to diagnose difficult to see tooth cracks and successfully treat cases which have bewildered many. With the combination of magnification with bonding technology, we at Sparkle, are able to reduce the amount of tooth drilling to the bare minimum...a major advantage for our patients and us alike. This is what our team of dentists in Pune have experienced.

What is a Dental Microscope?

To get a clear and magnified view of the mouth, dental operating microscopes are used by not just dentists in Pune, but those around the world. Most of the dental clinics in Pune use such type of microscope for endodontic procedures, laser dentistry and restorative procedures. Using such type of a microscope, surgeries can be viewed by another dentists or students through the binocular head. The dental operating microscope is one of the most important, productive, but the most infrequently-used piece of technology in the field of Dentistry. All technologies and techniques have an indicated application; that is, they have a specific use. The microscope is unique in that and is the one piece of technology that can make all others technologies and techniques better.

No matter what procedure is being done, you need great visualization to do it.The dental microscope is the best way to achieve great visualization; the better visualization you have, the better results you get.

What are the advantages of using the Dental Operating Microscope?

Improved efficiency : The great visualization provided by this microscope results in an elevated level of awareness at the diagnostic level and an elevated level of efficiency at the treatment level for our team of dentists in Pune.
Improved quality of treatment : When you see better you can treat better!!! Is what we have experienced while using this kind of microscope as a part of our dental treatment in Pune.
Improved range of treatment modalities: At the Sparkle dental clinic in Pune, we see patients referred by General Dentists and dental hospitals in Pune, for retrieval of fractured instruments from the root canal and other such complicated conditions requiring specialized skills.


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